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Reel |01


Reel |01  Anchor Montage

From hard news anchor leading breaking news coverage to chatting about the lighter side of life, Carolyn's at ease no matter the on-air situation.

This reel gives you an idea of Carolyn's versatility.

Reel |02


Reel |02   Anchor Montage - personality

Carolyn knows how to have fun and how to engage the viewer.


She's the same person on-air as she is off.


Carolyn's sincerity and warmth  makes viewers feel as though they've invited a friend over to chat.

Reel |03


Reel |03 Hard News Anchor Montage

Carolyn's a journalist first and foremost.


Her command as a hard news anchor comes from her dedication to getting it right.


It's why people trust her to deliver the information they need no matter the situation.

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